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Rachael Clyne
Rachael Clyne has always been inspired by nature and sacred landscape, which is reflected in her photos and mixed media drawings. Her drawings are part of a series she is developing around her experiences in ancient Goddess sites and her deep connection with the Sacred feminine. Rachael is an artist, poet, author and psychotherapist living in Glastonbury, Somerset. As a mature student she studied art in Bath and UWE in Bristol between 1995-8. In 1998 her large scale installation work Family Patterns was exhibited at the Jewish Museum in London and also at the Atkinson Gallery in Southport. This involved a number of sculptures and collages celebrating her Jewish immigrant family background and her Father’s career as a ladies tailor. The work focused on themes of identity and culture as well as tailoring. Find out more about Rachael’s other interests via www.rachaelclyne.com

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