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Catriona Tincello

Visionary artist Catriona trained at Salisbury College of Art in Wiltshire, after which she moved to Dublin to continue her artistic pursuits. Catriona moved to London a few years later where her interest in alternative therapies and psychic studies grew. She was a member of the college of psychic studies in Kensington for a number of years.  As a young artist she was inspired by Rudolph Steiner and the therapeutic use of colour.  After several dreams and visits to Glastonbury she moved to the town in 1987 where  she continued her interest in art and healing, being inspired by her dreams and nature.  Catriona chooses the colours for each individual painting carefully to create a relaxing and meditive quality to her work. She is often commissioned to produce paintings for therapists to display in their healing sanctuaries and therapy rooms for their calming effect on clients.

She has exhibited across the south of England and Dublin, including The Mind, Body and Spirit Festival in London and Quest in Devon.

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