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Carey Richardson
Carey Richardson: I’ve known and loved Glastonbury for over 15 years, finally taking the plunge to move from North West London in 2001 … With a career in design and print, working for the Saatchis and then myself, my move to Glastonbury was in part intended to give me the time to spend on personal creative projects. I am delighted to be showing some of my favourite photographs which until now have only been seen on the walls of my home. My friends say one of my greatest qualities is my attention to detail and I hope these photographs illustrate the beauty that surrounds us if we can only find the time to stop and see it. With a passion for Feng Shui, I always place pictures according to the 9 sections of the Bagua. If there is a specific area of your life that needs energizing or improving, place the photograph in the direction given.

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